Chicken Noodle Soup with Burmese Soul

Burmese Kitchen’s Ong Noh Kau Swel (Coconut Chicken Soup) is true Burmese soul food.  Ong Noh Kau Swel features egg noodles, diced chicken, hard boiled egg and onions swimming in a savory chicken stock based broth.  Coconut milk is added to create richness and acts as a silky sweet balance to the chicken stock.  Our famous fried split peas are added for a crunchy texture. Fresh lime and cilantro are provided to cut the richness of this Burmese classic.

Photo from  Dustin Main

Photo from Dustin Main

Ong Noh Kau Swel is a close relative to the popular Moh Hinga (Fish Chowder). Ong Noh Kau Swel started as street food served by vendors carrying pots of soup on their shoulders with wooden poles. This was food enjoyed by all. It reminds our Chef Dennis Lin of the old days where he and his friends would talk at the local tea shop and step out to enjoy this Burmese staple.