A Burmese Kitchen Original: Crispy Fried Pea Salad

Move over Tea Leaf Salad, the Burmese Kitchen has a new original dish that is soon to be a classic. What Chef Dennis has named Pal Kyak Thok or Crispy Fried Pea Salad is an unique blend of classic Burmese Flavors. It combines red onion, cabbage and fresh lime with Burmese Kitchen’s famous fried split peas. Burmese Kitchen’s style of fried split peas adds depth of flavor and another dimension of flavor to this classically inspired dish.

Pal Kyak Thok or Crispy Fried Pea Salad is Burmese Kitchen’s labor of love.  The dish was created when Chef Dennis was in his kitchen with his wife missing home. He started making a simple salad of cabbage, lime and red onion and decided to add fried split peas.  

Chef Dennis’s wife decided to create her own style of fried split peas by mashing the peas into a flour and then adding fried split peas to create unique “chips”. This labor intensive process of creating these “chips” and the flavor and texture it adds to this Burmese Kitchen original make Pal Kyak Thok a must try for any fan of Burmese Cuisine.